Forza Horizon 3 cheat bans can have scooped up innocent players

An attempt by publisher Microsoft Game Studios to ban cheats from Forza Horizon 3 has led to players being handed 30-year bans from your racing game. But some say to remain unfairly hit by bans.

Two Forza fans contacted Polygon to complain that they been banned unfairly and were not able get a response from Microsoft. Reddit threads also detail instances where players say these folks were wrongly banned.

Developer Playground recently updated its game to correct a glitch during which players could earn massive XP merely by skidding facing a barrier with a coastline road. However, despite much utilization of this trick, it was not the cause of the bans. The company was seeking to target save game hacks like “Forza Horizon 3 Trainer” which massively boosts in-game currency.

One user said he was banned for attempting to tweak the sport’s running speed, together never used any cheats.

“I was tweaking the action getting it to own at 60fps instead of actually playing the action,” he wrote. “I highly suspect my messing around to get the action’s vanilla version’s poor CPU load balancing in balance that triggered the ban, maybe that it was messing with memory contents as well.”

A spokesperson for Microsoft emailed a press release to Polygon:

“Last week, we performed a ban of the small group of Forza Horizon 3 players on Windows 10 PCs suspected of employing software such as ‘Forza Horizon 3 trainer’ to break into their profiles and affect their game saves. We use bans to take care of the integrity of the in-game economy and preserve gameplay balance for every individual. Players who feel they’ve been unfairly banned can appeal by sending an e-mail to, where we investigate all appeals and either remove or uphold player bans as appropriate.”

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