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Discover WoW Classic Cataclysm: Relive the Epic Transformation

Step back into Azeroth and witness the world-shattering events of Cataclysm in World of Warcraft Classic. This iconic expansion redefined the landscape of the game, bringing dramatic changes to beloved zones and introducing new challenges for both veterans and newcomers. Experience the thrilling storyline as Deathwing the Destroyer emerges from Deepholm, reshaping the world and altering the fate of Azeroth forever. Battle through revamped dungeons, master new raids, and explore the vastly transformed territories. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or new to the epic saga, WoW Classic Cataclysm offers a unique blend of nostalgia and innovation, and you can enhance your experience by purchasing a WoW Cataclysm Classic boost. Join the fight and forge your legend in this timeless journey!

  • Madden NFL 18: You Realise How Many People Worked On Longshot

    Players are more in favor of playing football simulation video gameplay, not to mention that more and more players are willing to playing Madden 18, as one of the most popular American football video game, arguably, Madden 18 is relatively successful. For this game, the big change comes in the story mode, which has stepped up far beyond simply creating your own player, customising his appearance, and starting a game.

    If your baseline for judging a Madden game is “is it a Madden game?” then you probably won’t have much to complain about with Longshot’s presence on the disc. But, if you judge a game on what it tried to do versus what it did, Longshot is certainly a mark against the finished product. New mechanics include a “target passing” option that allows you to pinpoint exactly where you want to throw the ball, not just to whom you want to throw it. Madden 18 is out now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    There’s a lot more game in Longshot, the ambitious but lopsided five-hour narrative Electronic Arts has developed as a f disguised tutorial for Madden NFL 18. This game is sanctioned and licensed by the NFL, and many millions of dollars are at stake. Electronic Arts’ writers decided not to deal with issues such as football-related scandals or concussions. Just as Longshot moves things forward for narrative in sports games, it also takes steps backward.

    Longshot goes on for hours. The emotive ending appears satisfyingly poignant for story lovers and a redemption for the Madden player. As the credits roll for minutes, you realise how many people worked on Longshot. One of Wade’s friends is overweight and almost all he ever talks about is eating. Longshot feels off-kilter as you indulge in sudden, lengthy portions of familiar gameplay that pull you out of the story.

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  • MU Legend Makes Several Drastic Changes To Ban Suspicious Accounts

    The Webzen MMORPG, MU Legend, is not having a good time, and that is since the servers opened for the beginning of its Open Beta. The number of Gold and Bots sellers that has invaded the game has been disproportionate. The chat is illegible of the amount of spam that there is, and worst of all, users choose to buy these illegal sellers instead of the company itself reducing their profit and breaking the economy of the game.

    On November 17 with the update patch Webzen wanted to give a temporary solution to the problem, made several drastic changes to the game, in addition to prohibiting more than 5000 accounts in this last wave.

    The changes that were made are:

    • The “megaphone item” has been removed from the daily rewards for entry into the gold and platinum service.
    • Changes applied to the item list for the daily login rewards.
    • Mail System deactivated.
    • Deactivated the 1 on 1 Trade between players.

    To compensate the players they were also given 1 Day Premium service, in addition to correcting several bug.

    With the update of November 21, the developer went further and also disabled the Auction House since it says that it is necessary for the research they are doing to the users that abuse the game systems.

    All these measures are temporary, but it is clear that not only cut the tap to gold sellers, but also to all those users who enjoy the game in a completely legal manner. Many users are against all this, because the trade in the game right now is useless, but it is also true that most players who complain is because they can no longer buy gold cheaper than they sell it officially.

    Another thing that has caught my attention is that Webzen has published a mass ban until now.

    As I said before, everyone should spend their money as they wish, but all the systems that the game has as packs or gold and platinum services seem to me a very careful Pay to Win.

    A game that bases its monetization on granting clear advantages that will make you better than another player, does not deserve to be successful. But it is clear that as it is not a game for a majority audience and with a famous IP like Star Wars: Battlefront 2 it will not be affected, being the case exactly the same.

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  • Madden NFL 18 Update 6 Focused Mostly On Visual Enhancements

    Clearly, EA Sports and the developers of Madden 18′s want the game to be the best sport games, EA has released title update 6 for Madden 18. This update focused mostly on visual enhancements, especially for the XBox One X console that is set to hit the market before the Christmas holiday.

    Full Update List:
    Enhancements available for Madden NFL 18 Xbox One X Include:
    NFL experience ever, delivering hyper-realistic gameplay to your fingertips.
    Character Level of Detail: Vibrant, detailed athlete visuals bringing your favorite NFL stars to life.
    Gameplay Runs at a Consistent 60 frames per second (fps): Seamless transitions and improved gameplay performance between each down.
    Upgraded Resolution from 1080p to 4K Ultra HD: Providing players with the highest fidelity visual Madden

    Top Fixes/Updates:
    Play Now Live
    Xbox One X support
    Pass Accuracy tuning
    Tuning to balance Coach Adjustments
    Addressed MUT squads improper XP awards
    Replaced the “Bluff Blitz” hot route with “Hard Flat” for Inside Linebackers
    Addressed issues around users losing control for a short time during the camera flip on turnovers
    Addressed issue around Injured Players not showing up as being on the IR when starting a franchise via

    Play Now Live
    Stability improvements
    Addressed issue displaying certain menus in 4K
    Updated NFL records for Offline (already available in Cloud)
    Addressed issue around Injured Players not showing up as being on the IR when starting a franchise via

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  • Turn To UPAlbion For Help To Store Albion Online Gold

    Albion Online is ready for you on July 17, 2017. Want to actively involved in the quests of Albion Online and gain the amazing rewards? If you are hesitating because its official difficulty you can buy cheap Albion Online gold on UPAlbion. If you need Albion Online gold for help, come to our site and get your gold in 10 minutes.

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  • Guide of Underwater Breathing Device in the ArcheAge

    Underwater Breathing device is a portable apparatus in ArcheAge underwater once you are ganking someone in the middle of the ocean, hunting underwater treasure, trade pack dropped in the bottom or other place like Aqua Farms in the sea, etc. This item will let you breath underwater for 10 minutes with a 20mins cooldown. OK, how to get archeage underwater breathing device? Follow me you would get it easy and fast if you still do not know this archeage item. offers archeage gold in the economic cost and more archeage tips.

    Make a Sextant

    Sextant item can allows you to measure your geographical position based on the location of the ancient city of Delphinad. Having a sextant might help you, you can build one a an Handicraft Station. How to make a Sextant?
    1 Star Chart (1G at the General Merchant)
    5 Starshard Ingots (7G on AH)
    2 Iron Ingots

    In order to make item of Underwater breathing device, you have to kill the 8 Ghost bosses that are located under the seas. Below is the location of the “Ghosts”, and using your Sextant to positioning. Each of the 8 tiny world bosses drop a quest and a memo, collect and deliver them all to get 8 parts of the UBA Component in NPC. Each boss is LV50 and 2 stars mobs with 82K HP, so if should have a healer and a DPS at least to kill them. The location of ghosts and which quest, place and NPC you can delivery.
    1. Ghost Alex: W8° 59` 52“ S19° 36` 47“ – A Labor of Love – Stonehew Camp of Perinoor Ruins – Horan (NPC)
    2. Dalgru the Shade: W6° 5` 17“ S18° 23` 18“ – Lost at Sea – Rockborne Basin – Yuldeen (NPC)
    3. Ghost Fyre: W3° 29` 16“ S16° 29` 27“ – One Last Apology – Grenwolf of Sanddeep – Waldur (NPC)
    4. Ghost Marum: W4° 4` 33“ S13° 50` 39“ – The Unrepentant Pirate – Galegarden of Hasla – Soyo (NPC)
    5. Ghost of Alonso: W4° 43` 49“ S9° 37` 53“ – A Captain’s Dream – Solisa of Halcyona – Farmer Jerad (NPC)
    6. Ghost of Redish: W0° 4` 31“ S11° 16` 33“ – A Doomed Voyage – Duskgleam of Rookborne Basin – Wind Mage Apprentice Ulgarik (NPC)
    7. Ghost of Urshur: E4° 51` 52“ S7° 39` 55“ – A Dream Denied – Solisa of Halcyona – Osso (NPC)
    8. Bulgari the Reaper: E4° 14` 41“ S5° 18` 4“ – A Fruitless Search – Golden Fable Harbor – Jewel Merchant Viviano (NPC)

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  • Enjoy Your Main ArcheAge Endgame Activity

    First personal very happy that Troin do a compensation for 2 days of downtime, now all servers are available! Nice compensation of 5 days, 7500 labor and 30 loyalty coins for patrons. Amazing. OK, believe that many players already up to LV50 for a long time, I want to know what is your main activity? These activities available currently I think. What is Your Main ArcheAge Endgame Activity? offers archeage gold in the economic cost and more archeage tips.

    1. Level up to 50 for other characters.
    2. Grind Hasla
    3. Run GHA for armor items
    4. Crafting Profession and leveling proficiency to 90K+
    5. PVP 1V1 and 5V5
    6. Trade Runs
    7. Siege Warfare
    8. Open World PVP
    9. Running in circles and think of something worth doing
    10. Capital city syndrome
    11. Ganking reds with your build and gameplay.
    12. Daily Quests
    13. Fishing
    14. Do things with your guild
    15. Get Delph weapons and gear
    16. Get a Car
    17. Get the Black Pearl
    18. Get an Ironclad
    19. Buy a Large Farm
    20. Stealing packs from the enemy faction with your friends.

    Another, there is a activity to help you earn profit for beginner: build a Gally/Fishing Boat > Use Radar to find a clump of red boats close together > Travel near location > stealth > Scout a fishing boat with low protection > Kill and Steal boat > Boat despawn, Take biggest fish > Sell Fish > Profit.

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  • Obsidian Weapons in the Archeage Game

    A host of powerful obsidian weapons are coming to ArcheAge in the Secrets of Ayanad game update. To explore adventurous & mysterious Ayanad Library, they must be necessary for you. Then have you got well known of Obsidian Weapons already? Hope the following tips may help you some. offers archeage gold in the most feasible cost.

    • Each existing type of weapon will gain an obsidian counterpart with unique stats and passive bonus, and all of their recipes will appear in the Weaponry and Carpentry sections of your Folio with no proficiency requirements to craft them.
    • A series of quests from Secrets of Ayanad will guide you to forge your first obsidian weapon. To begin, you’ll need to acquire the salvaged version of a crafted illustrious weapon. You must combine this salvage with materials gathered from the inhabitants of Auroria to complete a first-tier obsidian weapon.
    • Your freshly-crafted obsidian item binds when it is equipped, you can upgrade it five times in total with the goal of the sixth time.
    • You can gather the components which are necessary to forge and upgrade your obsidian weapon via the level 51+ creatures located in Sungold Fields, Exeloch, and Diamond Shores. However, the components needed to enhance your obsidian weapon to its final stages are held by extremely difficult library bossed and notorious creatures across Erenor.
    • Obsidian crafting is more straightforward than crafting other weapons because stats for obsidian weapons are static –determined by their rarity grade – instead of being influenced by random types (like Gale or Flame). The rarity grade of your obsidian weapon also has a chance to increase when you craft to the next tier.
    • Most obsidian weapons are extremely valuable because they provide combinations of stats that are otherwise unattainable. For example, obsidian shortspears gain the +healing attribute while obsidian katanas command +magic attack.
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  • March Welcomed Shards into Archeage

    The new development roadmap has been published. The new roadmap now includes all of our stretch goals from Our next official release, Pre-alpha 2: Modding Preview will be available soon™ for testing by all Pre-alpha Admin supporters. We will host a special roundtable to discuss the specifics of player-run servers. We will let you know when it has been added to our archeage tips event schedule.

    In our last Community Round Table, we updated everyone on the progress of Celador. We also talked in detail about player-run servers, the resources available to harvest on Celador and we answered a ton of questions from you guys. In case you missed it, you can catch the whole thing on

    Our next scheduled roundtable is on Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 1:00PM EDT. Don’t forget, if you would like to participate via voice chat you can email us at by Thursday, April 9th to get an invitation and the mumble server info.

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  • Coupon Codes to let you get more cheap diablo3 gold

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  • Diablo3 Demon Hunter Guide

    Everything from the level of a monster of the scored item destroyed type can affect this type of drop that you receive. For example, an enemy the more likely low is will not produce a top level element. Kill a more formidable enemy, and produced booty is much more useful. Sometimes, special properties are attached to an element, which can be discerned by ffixes, you can buy diablo 3 gold in low price or added descriptors either before or after the name of the regular element. You can be seen these before names in your output previous with Diablo, or if you’re new to the series, in other similar games in the genre. For example, if a monster an element known as the sword of heaven, the core element would a normal sword without additional specific elements. In this case, the game gave the plain-Jane sword another name, in the form of the suffix of heaven.

    Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Guide: Double crossbows, Double The Fun what types of loot are there and how is it generated? You can find the attribute of improvement of equipment such as a sword brand-new to raise your damage or armor that raises defense stats. But unlike most other Dungeon-robots, there is no real gamethe index of this type of articles are available to discover. Diablo III creates a loss of point after you kill a monster, but starts with a Vanilla fade piece of equipment. After the equipment is good, the quality and rarity are weighted as a reflection afterthought. In simple terms, the quality and rarity of the enemy killed are key factors in this point, you will receive, we have d3 gold for sale in relation to the level of the defeated Monster. That would be a Dungeon crawler-being without a sprawling menagerie of loot? Our guide to Diablo III loot system help you quickly become an expert in which yields position what, how your new shinies can be identified, and how each is generated.

    Thou shalt be an epic thesauriseur in no time, and we say that in the nicest way possible. That is what a loot drop As you sacked through sanctuary of slaughter enemy or denigrate any breakable object type you are often rewarded by booty Tomb, otherwise known as a pile of loot. As gather you at E3 or another Convention, but in the game. These objects of collection generated randomly will fall on the ground for you to put aside. For some, this is why they are fighting. For others, cis a steady stream of generators of income of the valuables that aid in the c’ future epic quest. Dropped items can range from potions, weapons, armour, gold, and other types of equipment. Diablo 3 gold: Welcome to the course, Sanctuary beginner’s Guide.There is a system in place to determine how often specific features are available, and what they are. It ya several variables which loot is distributed: if it falls to all, to what extent, and what are the properties of each element is in reality.

    Thus, the weapon was actually two different elements: the normal damage inflicted by the base element and the powers conferred by skies, which in our example could cure the hero. The more difficult the monster, the rarest of the fall, and the. More powerful weapons or an element some affixes as razors Castle, or malice require a minimum level for certain weapons. This is not the case for all affixes as the Gladiator torso armor does not require a certain level for the player to achieve. If you are looking for this beyond dagger or if you want to wear a ring death, it is a bit of grinding between you and the level you need to meet to find this particular point.

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