Enjoy Your Main ArcheAge Endgame Activity

First personal very happy that Troin do a compensation for 2 days of downtime, now all servers are available! Nice compensation of 5 days, 7500 labor and 30 loyalty coins for patrons. Amazing. OK, believe that many players already up to LV50 for a long time, I want to know what is your main activity? These activities available currently I think. What is Your Main ArcheAge Endgame Activity? Archeagetips.org offers archeage gold in the economic cost and more archeage tips.

1. Level up to 50 for other characters.
2. Grind Hasla
3. Run GHA for armor items
4. Crafting Profession and leveling proficiency to 90K+
5. PVP 1V1 and 5V5
6. Trade Runs
7. Siege Warfare
8. Open World PVP
9. Running in circles and think of something worth doing
10. Capital city syndrome
11. Ganking reds with your build and gameplay.
12. Daily Quests
13. Fishing
14. Do things with your guild
15. Get Delph weapons and gear
16. Get a Car
17. Get the Black Pearl
18. Get an Ironclad
19. Buy a Large Farm
20. Stealing packs from the enemy faction with your friends.

Another, there is a activity to help you earn profit for beginner: build a Gally/Fishing Boat > Use Radar to find a clump of red boats close together > Travel near location > stealth > Scout a fishing boat with low protection > Kill and Steal boat > Boat despawn, Take biggest fish > Sell Fish > Profit.

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