Madden 18

Madden NFL 18 Update 6 Focused Mostly On Visual Enhancements

Clearly, EA Sports and the developers of Madden 18′s want the game to be the best sport games, EA has released title update 6 for Madden 18. This update focused mostly on visual enhancements, especially for the XBox One X console that is set to hit the market before the Christmas holiday. Full Update List:Enhancements […]

Madden NFL 18: You Realise How Many People Worked On Longshot

Players are more in favor of playing football simulation video gameplay, not to mention that more and more players are willing to playing Madden 18, as one of the most popular American football video game, arguably, Madden 18 is relatively successful. For this game, the big change comes in the story mode, which has stepped

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