FFXIV Rewarding Skill

Unlike the traditional crafting system that is mostly automated, the crafting system in Final Fantasy requires a players complete attention and even a certain level of skill. This does mean the typical AFK approach to crafting progression doesn’t work very well but it brings a variety of benefits with it.

When players craft they have the option of just pumping out regular materials or they can use the special abilities assigned to the crafting job to create higher-quality versions of that material. The higher-quality materials are worth more Gil (in-game currency) on the Market Place but they can also be used to increase the chances of creating a high-quality item or piece of equipment.

This process means some players will spend hours gathering high-quality ore to create high-quality bars which in turn can be used to create high-quality armor. This approach works across many aspects of the crafting in Final Fantasy XIV and it’s one of the games most positive aspects.

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Square Enix didn’t get everything right with Final Fantasy XIV the first time round but the rebirth has provided features and mechanics unique to the world of Eorzea. What are your thoughts on the FFXIV crafting system? Would you make any changes?

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