FFXIV: How to Kill Lakshmi in Stormblood

As we know Lakshmi is a dangerous and powerful enemy. Undoubtedly, if there’s no some trick or strategy it will be a really hard task to compete against or kill Lakshmi. Today we’ll bring you a new guide of “Final Fantasy Stormblood” to defeat her.

How to prepare ?

Before fight with her, we need to considering what we should wear for the fight? First, let’s talk about the team that we advise you to wear for the fight against #Lakshmi in “Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood”. The significant aspects is that you can use a single tank to defeat Lakshmi. Because unlike other matches in the Square Enix game for PS4 and PC, you will not have to perform any mechanics that require you to lead to a certain number of characters of a given class.

Regardless how the rest of the team is. it is better to use two tanks in case, the advantages of two tanks are not only speed up to kill her but also can provide a good defence. You should also consider the unique ability that you can only use during the battle against Lakshmi in “Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood,” it will be essential to survive in some phases of combat. The ability will be Vrill this time and will create a shield that will not only protect you from certain attacks but also heal you in what situations.

Be careful the two attacks of Lakshmi 

During this first stage , the mentioned enemy will use several attacks, although there are two that should concern you primarily. These are Pall of Light and Stotram. In the first of them, Lakshmi will mark a player who will have to share the damage with the rest of the group to avoid dying on the spot.

For its part, Stotram will cause harm to the whole group and the whole scenario of the map, so it can not get avoided. The nuance of this latest attack is that it will heal the servants that we have not defeated, so, as we recommend in the previous paragraph, you should try to finish them as soon as possible.

In a few minutes, Lakshmi will show her new abilities and the third stage of the combat begains. The new abilities will reappear the maids of the beginning. This time there will be four, and you will have to be attentive to a new mechanic. The four maids can use Vrill for a few seconds. All in all, beside some skills that require to use, the battle against Lakshmi get based on the repetition of mechanics and the chance of using Vrill’s extraordinary power.

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