FFXIV Demon Wall The biggest disappointments

Demon Wall (Amdapor Keep)
Before someone fires off that I’m just bitter, let me be clear: I’m not saying that this fight is too hard. If I pull Wallace and he doesn’t go down on the first round, either I’m with a bad group or the group is just having a bad day. This fight is not nearly as bad as advertised.

That being said, Wally here is an example of stacking too much into a single boss fight. The DPS race with simple mechanics is great, but obviously the design team realized that this was just a little too simple and threw in gnats to make tracking the pattern more difficult. But it comes off as arbitrary; rather than a clever way to distract players it just feels like “now there are adds here, whoa.” It nicely flummoxes new players into making mistakes, but it’s a cheap shot.

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What else could be done? I don’t know. But I know that the current version feels like about 80 percent of a great skillcheck and 20 percent of arbitrary addition. Which is a real disappointment.

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