Can you get top rewards after the Forza Horizon 4 update?

Forza Horizon 4 made an update to the game a few days ago. Since the community players were dissatisfied with the reward rules of the previous season tournaments, after this update, the rules for the highest rewards were revised, from 100% to 80%. The previous 50% bonus is unchanged.

Maybe some players think that after 20% reduction, it will be easy to get top rewards. I thought so at first, but through this period of testing, I found that top rewards are still not so easy to get.

The key issue is not 100% or 80%, but the multi-player connection function, which can only be said to be very bad compared to Blizzard’s connection function. It’s so bad that people would rather give up the game and don’t want to suffer any more.

Since the game is ranked according to the overall points, when you participate in the game with your teammates, you must ensure that all members can go all out during the game, which is obviously impossible. In the game, it is always possible to interfere with your game in one way or another. You may have been hit by a rival, your teammates may be dropped or you suddenly get stuck, all of which can cause you to lose the championship and get 80% of the reward.

The reason for this is the connection function of the server. I think that if you want FH 4 to renew its vitality, this problem must be solved. The biggest complaint among players in the community is this problem. With the development of the times, everyone More inclined to connect games, can increase the interaction between players, if the FH 4 is made into a stand-alone game, it will be a very big step backwards.

I hope that the staff can improve the connection function of FH 4 at an early date. Everyone hopes that it will get better and better. If you have not been able to get top rewards after many efforts, then you are advised to pay attention to U4N, which has many rare vehicles. It is very likely that you have missed it. The vehicle is not updated regularly, and you may encounter what you like.

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